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News Data

Processed, Structured, and Ready to Use

Billions of articles, tens of thousands of world-wide sources, multiple languages!!

Source code

NewsFetch has been developed with Python. To get started, you will need to have Python 3.9 or higher installed on your system. Python can be downloaded from here.

Pyenv is a tool that can be used to manage multiple versions of Python on the same system. It can be installed using the following command:

curl | bash

Once installed you can install Python 3.9 using the following command:

pyenv install 3.9

Project Structure

NewsFetch has various subprojects, and others are being implemented and will be added. All subprojects will be based on Python and will follow the same structure. The general installation instructions for each subproject will be same. Any specific instructions for a subproject will be mentioned in the respective subproject's documentation.


All NewsFetch subprojects use Poetry for managing dependencies.

To get started, first navigate to the submodule directory. Now create a virtual environment and activate it.

python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Then, install Poetry.

pip install poetry

Now, install the dependencies.

poetry install


In cases where there is a .env.sample file, make a copy of it to a file named .env add/updated the required values. These values will be used in configuration, and is loaded from the .env file in corresponding file.